Sekou Amadou BAH, CEO of Orange Sierra Leone, gave an exclusive interview with Telecom Review Africa, with a focus on exploring the significance of digital data centers within the telecom sector and how Orange Sierra Leone seamlessly integrates them into its operations. During the discussion, Sekou detailed the hurdles encountered by Orange Sierra Leone during the establishment and upkeep of its digital data centers, along with the strategies it employs to surmount these obstacles. He gave his perspective on the coming years, identifying the most influential emerging technologies or trends he feels will shape the landscape of digital data centers moving forward.

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Telecom Review conducted an exclusive interview with Reine Mbang Essobmadje, co-founder of Digital Coalition, CEO of Evolving Consulting and vice president of GICAM, to delve into the issue of the lack of women in engineering globally. During the interview, Reine discussed the key factors contributing to the underrepresentation of women in engineering professions and the challenges they face. She highlighted the importance of addressing these barriers to encourage more women to pursue careers in engineering and promote diversity and inclusion in the industry.

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Telecom Review conducted an exclusive interview with Rajiv Dhand, the regional vice president for Asia Pacific & Africa at TELUS International, to delve into the factors that played a significant role in the expansion of TELUS International's global operations into Africa. During the interview, Dhand discussed the specific opportunities and market potential that TELUS International perceives in Africa. Furthermore, he shed light on the steps that TELUS International is taking to ensure a seamless and prosperous expansion into the African market.

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Notes from the Chief Editor

The global coronavirus - COVID-19 - has affected the global economy badly, hit oil prices and brought down the stock markets like never before. Airlines have grounded thousands of planes and millions of hotels have had cancelled reservations. The negative repercussions of this pandemic have made headlines all over the world.

Among all the sectors that have been significantly impacted is the ICT industry, and pertinent sectors have bared the highest costs since the cancellation of MWC 2020 and numerous other ICT and telecommunications events, forums and conferences. Many companies have suffered from exorbitant losses, and many plans, deals and RFPs have been put on hold.

And it doesn’t stop here. People are not moving and travelling like they used to, with the least number of flights registered for this time of year. The global SIM cards market is down, with less roaming revenues and less SIM cards being sold, while corporate businesses experience the same downward trend. Consequently, telecom operators are not generating income.

Vendors’ businesses have been affected as well and some factories have been shut down. Travel bans, social distancing and lockdown measures have made it impossible for vendors to install new equipment or meet telcos to discuss business. Even if video calls are placed, discussions can’t be concretized.

One of the leading vendors told us, “We are just helping telcos in maintenance in order to keep networks running smoothly, as the need for networks is crucial now more than ever before.”

All sectors, without exception, are relying on connectivity. The ICT industry is serving all sectors at a time when everything else is down. Let’s all appreciate the efforts made by the industry’s veterans.




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