In a move aimed at easing communication expenses for travelers between Benin and Ghana, both nations are set to roll out a free-roaming initiative starting July 1, 2024.

The initiative, facilitated by Benin's Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (ARCEP) and Ghana's National Communications Authority (NCA), was formalized through a recent memorandum of understanding.

According to ARCEP's statement, the agreement will lead to a substantial reduction in tariffs for citizens of both countries while roaming. This initiative aligns with the broader Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) agenda to promote seamless movement of people, goods, and services across the region, fostering greater participation in regional economic activities.

Ghana has been proactive in embracing ECOWAS’s free roaming initiatives, having already implemented two agreements, including one with Côte d'Ivoire earlier this year. Additionally, bilateral roaming services between Ghana and Togo were established in November 2023, following infrastructure enhancements such as the deployment of Google's Equiano subsea cable.

Moreover, the region has witnessed significant advancements in telecommunication infrastructure, with initiatives like Senegal's GAINDESAT satellite launch in collaboration with CSUM and RIDE Space, signaling a broader commitment to connectivity and digital progress.

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