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In our last article, we looked at the challenges many of the world’s segments of society face as Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) begin to phase out older legacy 2G and 3G networks and transition to 4G and 5G networks. While for many subscribers, the biggest challenges remained the cost of a handset and cost of data (per GB), we also saw how MNOs can help their subscribers migrate to 4G networks by offering an array of affordable phones that meet their customers’ needs. Providing subscribers who are clinging to their 2G feature phones with access to high-quality and highly affordable 4G smart feature phones is the first step towards migrating them to 4G networks and keeping them from slipping into the digital darkness of the coming 2G and 3G sunset.

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Egypt’s wireless infrastructure is growing fast, reflecting the nation’s commitment to digital transformation. Site-sharing agreements among the four leading mobile carriers help ensure the country’s mobile infrastructure continues to expand while reducing subscriber costs. When Orange Egypt acquired 30 MHz of new 4G spectrum (in the 2600 MHz band), they needed a unique antenna to support the new spectrum and the requirements of the other major mobile operators. They partnered with CommScope.

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Radisys® Corporation, a global leader of open telecom solutions, has announced the launch of Radisys’ Reach Phone Lite, an affordably priced 4G feature phone designed to help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across Africa and the Middle East migrate 2G and 3G voice-only users to 4G networks by enabling superior experiences.

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Africa Tech Festival will return to Cape Town from November 7–11, 2022, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Again this year, the super-powered agenda will heavily feature discussions around the essential topics of policy frameworks and regulations, as well as the necessity for all stakeholders to be on the same page for innovation and industry to turn ideas into action for the advancement of Africa’s citizens.

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