TEDMOB, with its wealth of experience in services, communications, and digital solutions, is advancing ahead of local and Gulf region competitors. In an interview with Telecom Review, Mario Hachem, TEDMOB's co-founder and CEO, discussed the company's strategy to ensure a superior corporate and individual experience amid challenges and opportunities in the sector.

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Telecom Review had the privilege of conducting an insightful interview with Sameh Sobhy, the Managing Director Middle East, Turkey & Africa at PCCW Global. Sobhy shed light on the immense impact of the Console Connect platform in facilitating seamless connectivity between regional and global customers, while highlighting the challenges and opportunities that arise. Additionally, Sobhy shared valuable insights on PCCW Global's role in supporting the digital transformation of the region's wholesale telecoms industry. Lastly, he discussed the company's targeted markets for expansion and the rationale behind their strategic choices.

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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Dayn Amade, CEO of Tablet Comunitario, elaborated on how the digital era has transformed various aspects of daily life. He also highlighted specific, practical telecommunication methodologies that exhibit promise in bridging the digital divide within disadvantaged communities in less developed countries. Amade further discussed the essential policy interventions necessary for policymakers to narrow the digital gap and ensure universal access to basic digital services.

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Notes from the Chief Editor

The 5G gap between countries is widening. 5G deployments are on the rise in many countries whereas others are left behind or struggling to get the right spectrum.

South Korea, Singapore, China, UAE, KSA, Kuwait and many other countries already launched 5G and their customers are enjoying this new amazing connectivity experience, especially that 5G devices are now available and offered by many brands.

On the other hand, countries like Canada are still struggling to choose to which operator the spectrum should be granted or even to hold an auction! The auction scenario happened in other countries during 4G spectrum allocation such as in Egypt and Tunisia to generate income.

European regulators in Germany and Ireland already informed the incumbent operators or anyone who is using 5G allocated frequencies that their licenses will not be renewed in order to support the 5G deployment the soonest.

In North America, the United States are leading the way in 5G R&D. At the lower end of the frequency spectrum, they are using the 600 MHz (2 x 35 MHz) band, the 3100 - 3550 MHz band and the 3700 - 4200 MHz band. At the higher end of the frequency spectrum, they are using the 27.5 – 28.35 GHz band and the 37 – 40 GHz band.

Canada is left behind as the CRTC, planning the 5G auction in 2020, leaves the country to be the last to deploy this amazing technology while 2 of the Canadian operators are ready for 5G in terms of testing and investments.


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