In a significant stride towards enhancing telecommunications infrastructure across Africa, Telecom Egypt, a prominent telecommunications firm, has partnered with Huawei to lead the way in innovative technologies. These initiatives include pioneering Africa's inaugural DWDM 1.2Tbps single-channel lab test, preparing for 5G implementation, and successfully concluding the continent's first 50G PON trial.

DWDM 1.2Tbps Single-Channel Lab Test

Telecom Egypt and Huawei have achieved a significant milestone in African telecommunications by successfully completing the trial of Africa's first DWDM 1.2Tbps single-channel lab test technology. This cutting-edge innovation leverages concentrated wavelength division optical fiber technology to exponentially enhance existing fiber networks' bandwidth capacity. With features like a state-of-the-art non-linear compensation algorithm and an intelligent neuron function module, the DWDM 1.2Tbps solution optimizes network transmission performance in real time, laying a solid foundation for Egypt's digital transformation.

Eng. Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, emphasized the company's dedication to integrating next-generation technologies to enhance digital capabilities. He highlighted how introducing DWDM 1.2T per channel technology aligns with the company's commitment to delivering smart connectivity and next-generation technologies to boost the digital capabilities of Telecom Egypt's customers and partners.

Telecom Egypt's infrastructure development includes highly reliable optical networks equipped with cutting-edge 400G/800G, Super C band, and Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) solutions. The 1.2Tbps coherent solution achieved in this trial meets commercial deployment requirements for transmission reach, spectral efficiency, latency, and system energy consumption, facilitating multiple applications such as Metro, short-haul, and Data Center Interconnect (DCI) over a single wavelength.

The optical layer incorporates Super C technology, boasting 120 channels in one fiber pair, with the maximum single-fiber capacity reaching 48T, ensuring network readiness for 5G and enabling the delivery of innovative services and applications.

Mr. Jim Liu, Huawei Egypt office CEO, expressed delight at the successful trial, emphasizing continued collaboration to build a best-in-class, high-speed fiber optic network. This partnership underscores both companies' commitment to achieving more business success through groundbreaking technology and close cooperation.

Preparation for 5G Deployment

Further demonstrating their forward-looking approach, Telecom Egypt and Huawei announced a strategic partnership to deploy 5G networks, unveiled during the Mobile World Congress 2024.

The deployment of 5G networks will empower Telecom Egypt to deliver innovative solutions and services targeting various sectors and industries that require real-time decisions, such as manufacturing, telehealth, and education, as well as facilitate the Internet of Things (IoT).

Huawei will offer its latest network solutions, including 5G wireless, 5G service-oriented core, and 5G ready transport network to facilitate smooth 5G technology adaptation and unlock the full potential of this technology.

Through the collaboration with Telecom Egypt, Huawei has established 5G sites in hotspot areas across Egypt, leveraging its most advanced wireless technologies to achieve the maximum data transfer rate (throughput), aligning with the theoretical throughput given the spectrum available.

Mohamed Nasr, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer at Telecom Egypt, said: “5G is a key enabler for the next generation of broadband and IoT services, which are witnessing significant growth driven by the increasing global adoption of communication devices. 5G technology provides high data rates with low latency for applications and services, allowing customers to enjoy new and diverse digital experiences and driving efficiency and productivity across various industrial sectors of Egypt. With the launch of 5G, there will be immense potential for future technologies like AI, robotics, gaming, AR, and VR, enhancing the overall digital experience for all customers.”

Mr. Jim Liu, CEO of Huawei Egypt, emphasized their shared commitment to introducing advanced technologies to the Egyptian market, stating, "This collaboration will contribute significantly to expediting Egypt's digital transformation, leveraging the immense potential of 5G to improve broadband experiences and launch new services."

First 50G PON Trial in Africa

In yet another pioneering endeavor, Telecom Egypt and Huawei have completed Africa's first 50G PON trial, marking a significant milestone in their long-term cooperation. This advanced fiber technology offers up to 50Gbps/s, delivering secure and upgraded broadband usage for consumers and businesses alike.

Engineer Mohamed Nasr highlighted the pivotal role of 50G PON in upgrading network infrastructure, stating: “Our commitment is to ensure our customers consistently benefit from the best in fiber optics, while leveraging our existing networks. Utilizing technologies that enhance performance for our customers is paramount. The 50G PON is a pivotal technology that supports Telecom Egypt’s strategy to upgrade network infrastructure and establish a more adaptable broadband infrastructure foundation. The deployment of 50G PON will also help Telecom Egypt to sustain our leadership position in Africa. We are thrilled to partner with Huawei, a trusted partner over the years, as it aligns with our strategic objective of persistently striving to deliver the latest technological solutions and services to our customers.”

Telecom Egypt and Huawei's collaborative efforts underscore their commitment to pioneering technological advancements, revolutionizing telecommunications infrastructure across Africa, and ushering in an era of unprecedented connectivity and innovation.

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