QCell, a Gambian mobile operator, has recently introduced the first commercial 5G service in The Gambia. Initially available in select areas of the capital city, Banjul, QCell's 5G network promises download speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G. However, the company advises users that this increased speed may result in data packages being consumed more quickly.

QCell has collaborated with several device vendors, including Apple, Huawei and Techno, to ensure support for its 5G network. The operator offers 5G fixed services for institutions and homes using CPEs or MiFi devices, as well as 5G mobile services. To activate the 5G mobile service, users must request activation and sign a user acceptance form at any QCell customer care outlet.

QCell, which belongs to the QuantumNet Group, currently holds the second-largest market share in The Gambia, with over 839,800 subscribers, accounting for 24% of the market. Africell Gambia leads with approximately 46% market share, followed by Gamcel with 14.8%, Comium Gambia with 13.8% and Gamtel with just 1%.

The Gambia is following in the footsteps of Nigeria, a prominent West African country that witnessed the launch of 5G by MTN in August 2022. Nigeria's Mafab Communications subsequently introduced 5G in the capital city of Abuja in January 2023. Senegal's telecommunications regulator has also recently called for applications for 5G licenses, indicating the growing interest in 5G across West Africa.

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