Telkom has officially launched new Mobile Data plans that will provide customers with data connectivity for internet access to emails, social media applications, streaming and internet browsing while they are on the move.

The new Mobile Data products will appeal to customers that are on-the-go and not necessarily within a Telkom coverage footprint, ensuring they are connected as they move around between Telkom and Non-Telkom coverage areas.

The main difference between the new Mobile Data plans and the existing SmartBroadband Wireless plans is that the Mobile Data plans allow for data usage on both the Telkom and Roaming partner network, whereas the SmartBroadband Wireless (LTE) plans only allow for data usage on the Telkom mobile network.

“The target market for the new Mobile Data plans is the mobile individual, students and people whom require a secondary data connection while they are away from the office, home or not always within a Telkom mobile coverage area,” says Telkom.

As these Mobile Data products are set to provide customers with increased data value at competitive prices, here are some interesting facts for customers to note:

  • The Inclusive Anytime data can be used on both the Telkom and Roaming partner network (Vodacom);
  • The inclusive data on Mobile Data plans has a validity period of two calendar months. Unused inclusive data will be depleted first before the new monthly data allocation starts being utilized;
  • The Night Surfer data will ONLY work on the Telkom network (between 12AM – 7AM), is valid for one calendar month, does not rollover and is not transferrable as this is promotional data;
  • Out-of-Bundle rate of R0.30 per MB applies;
  • Data Transfer functionality will also be available on the Mobile Data plans. Data transfer is free and there will not be any costs associated with the transfer of data.


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