Join us for an interactive panel discussion to learn more about the 5G deployments in North Africa. Join industry experts and discover relevant insights, such as the road ahead for 5G and why this technology was delayed in the region despite its significance, potential and possibilities. Don't miss this informative virtual panel hosted by Telecom Review on September 12 at 11 a.m. Morocco time.

Get ready to explore the incredible potential of 5G in shaping the future via these notable topics:

  1. Status of 5G deployment in North Africa, including commercial testing by country, potential coverage, availability and 5G adoption rates
  2. Opportunities and challenges of 5G in North Africa, such as ROI expectations, 5G user devices and spectrum issues
  3. Economic impact and business opportunities, including GDP growth, job creation, operator revenue and foreign investment
  4. Security and privacy considerations in 5G networks and existing solutions

Don't miss out on this important and timely panel discussion.

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