The pan-African group AXIAN announces the appointment of Erwan Gelebart as CEO of its Open Innovation & Fintech division.

Gelebart brings over 15 years of expertise in successfully overseeing fintech and financial institutions across Africa and Asia. He is renowned for spearheading the development of electronic wallets (mobile wallets) for major entities like Orange in Mali and Madagascar, as well as VEON in Pakistan, gathering an impressive 17 million active users.

In his prior position as Fintech Director for Telenor Asia, he played a pivotal role in aiding their subsidiaries' expansion in the region. More recently, he made a significant contribution to the advancement of a fintech specializing in digital loans across Africa and Asia.

Hassanein Hiridjee, CEO of the AXIAN Group, expressed his enthusiasm in announcing Erwan Gelebart's appointment as the CEO of the Open Innovation & Fintech division. He emphasized Gelebart's proficiency in assembling exceptional teams, adopting cutting-edge solutions, and prioritizing execution, all of which are expected to propel AXIAN towards new frontiers in societal transformation. Hiridjee extended his best wishes to Gelebart in his new role within the AXIAN team.

Erwan Gelebart expressed his pride in joining the AXIAN Group and assuming the position of CEO for Open Innovation & Fintech. Gelebart is optimistic about the future of innovation in African economies and feels privileged to be part of this unique moment where talent and ideas are flourishing in the region.

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