The Somali National Communications Authority (NCA) launched its Spectrum Monitoring Operations Center (SMOC) to streamline the monitoring and analysis of spectrum usage, the detection of unauthorized or illegal activities, and the swift resolution of interference issues. Additionally, it will provide real-time data and information to enhance decision-making processes, ensuring the optimal allocation of spectrum resources.

This development follows approximately three weeks after the regulator initiated a consultation process for the National 5G Strategy it is currently formulating. This strategy outlines a specific roadmap for the allocation of 5G spectrum, aligning it with the broader spectrum strategy covering 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. It places significant emphasis on the seamless integration of a harmonized spectrum across various bands and highlights the importance of ecosystem readiness.

“The launch of the Spectrum Control Operations Center is an important step towards realizing our vision of a digitally connected nation. This center will strengthen spectrum management capabilities, which will improve the quality of services, increase innovation and strengthen competition in the sector,” declared Jama Hassan Khalif, minister of communications and technologies.

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