Sénégal Numérique, a digital infrastructure initiative, has partnered with Elm, a leading digital solutions provider, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The collaboration aims to leverage Elm's extensive digital expertise to advance the digital infrastructure of the State of Senegal. Under this agreement, Elm will provide valuable assistance to Sénégal Numérique in harnessing innovative digital technologies to enhance public services, consolidate governance and stimulate economic growth.

The MoU was signed between Majid bin Saad Al Arifi, marketing vice president at Elm, and Cheikh Bakhoum, general director at Sénégal Numérique, in the presence of various representatives from both sides, during Elm’s participation at GITEX AFRICA 2023.

The MoU comes in line with Elm’s efforts to support local companies by providing the requisite knowledge and technical know-how. It further broadly outlines the various cooperation areas as well as avenues for developing business opportunities in Senegal. As part of this, the company will launch cutting-edge digital platforms with a variety of consultancy services. Furthermore, both parties will work together to build short-term and long-term strategic plans under this MoU to explore and leverage potential opportunities across various markets. Mutual initiatives and projects will be formulated with the objective of fostering cooperation between Elm and Sénégal Numérique.

The MoU between Sénégal Numérique and Elm was signed during GITEX AFRICA 2023, which serves as an innovative platform for connecting and fostering collaboration across various digital institutions and businesses.

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