As per a recent survey conducted by Kaspersky, more than half of the surveyed employees in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) region express a deficiency in digital skills when working with computers and other digital devices. The respondents believe that by enhancing their digital skills, they could potentially increase their earnings by an average of 41%.

Recognizing the significance of acquiring and refining digital skills, employees in the META region show a proactive approach, with 79% independently seeking paid or free digital literacy training. The breakdown of this initiative in specific countries is as follows: Egypt at 75%, Saudi Arabia at 70%, UAE at 91%, Turkey at 81%, and South Africa at 76%.

The absence of digital skills not only hinders career progression and income growth but also poses significant cybersecurity risks for the employing organizations. The concept of a 'human firewall' emerges as a crucial defense against cyber incidents, underscoring the need for comprehensive IT and cybersecurity training for all levels of employees, from top managers to interns.

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