Starting 2017, artificial intelligence (AI) has been everywhere! New technologies driven by AI have emerged and most new devices, cameras and sensors are now equipped with AI features.  

Artificial intelligence existed a long time ago in R&D, laboratories and business development master plans of the largest hi-tech companies; otherwise, it wouldn’t have reached its current level of advancement. However, it was only recently that it became a recurrent topic.

This technology has become a marketing tool used by many companies and has contributed to boosting the conference businesses by creating hype over topics such as blockchain and 5G.

Going deeper into this technology, here is an example of what the AI world is bringing: Artificial Intelligence is allowing computers to be smarter and predict human behavior. In the case of autonomous cars, before AI, smart sensors weren’t able to recognize which obstacle to avoid in case of an accident. Now, thanks to AI, cars are programmed to avoid hitting pedestrians when faced with a choice of either hitting pedestrians or another car.

Artificial intelligence is key to bring technology to the next smart level.

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