Chinese conglomerate Huawei has reached a court in the US, demanding it to overturn the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) decision to designate the company as a national security threat.

The Chinese tech giant has stated in the complaint that the national security designation could impact its financial interests of the telecommunications industry as well and because of this ban, US based telecom operators were unable to purchase equipment or services from the Chinese brand.

The Biden administration’s FCC reiterated its support for the decision, however. “Last year the FCC issued a final designation identifying Huawei as a national security threat based on a substantial body of evidence developed by the FCC and numerous US national security agencies. We will continue to defend that decision,” a spokesperson declared.

Huawei was deemed a threat under Trump, whose administration used a variety of methods to sever its ties to US businesses. Federal agencies argued that Huawei equipment posed an inexcusable security risk, citing possible backdoors that would let the company spy on Americans. Huawei has denied the allegations.

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