In a bold step towards promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in boardrooms, Safaricom took a prominent role at The Women on Boards Network Kenya's (WOBN) 10th Annual Conference. Under the theme “Innovate Now! Inspire Always! Lead4ward!,” the event featured Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom, as the distinguished keynote speaker.

The Women on Boards Network is a non-profit initiative with a resolute mission to drive gender diversity and inclusion within board leadership, striving for balanced and diversified board memberships. The initiative aims to establish a robust pipeline of women ready for board positions and to support existing board members in effectively fulfilling their roles.

During his address, Peter Ndegwa delved into a range of crucial subjects, guiding the audience on a transformative journey that included innovation, seeking inspiration and cultivating outstanding leadership qualities. His discourse covered essential topics, including the operational landscape for businesses, the imperative of innovation for survival and the significance of inspiring continual progress while challenging conventional norms. Moreover, he emphasized the urgency of accelerating diversity and inclusion at the highest echelons of leadership. Ndegwa also advocated for a forward-leaning approach, urging leaders to embrace vulnerability and authenticity in their endeavors.

The conference provided an interactive platform for attendees, with a special focus on empowering women to break through boundaries, adopt unconventional thinking and take proactive strides towards driving positive transformation in their professional spheres and the wider community.

By championing initiatives like the WOBN conference, Safaricom continues to exemplify its commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for leaders of tomorrow, where diversity thrives and innovation flourishes.

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