Airtel Zambia has officially launched its 5G network with a grand event, showcasing the impressive capabilities of their 5G services. The launch allowed guests to experience high-speed network connectivity on smartphones, enjoy virtual reality (VR) experiences, hyper-realistic VR gaming, VR Golf gaming, 8K streaming and much more.

The announcement of the 5G network was made through social media posts after a series of teasers leading up to the event. Airtel Zambia emphasized that its 5G network offers data speeds up to 10 times faster than previous technologies, incredibly low latency and seamless connectivity for multiple devices.

Initially, the 5G Network has been rolled out in select areas of the capital city, Lusaka, promising Airtel Zambia customers a high-speed network experience within these specific 5G zones. To complement the 5G offering, Airtel is also providing customers with the option to purchase a 5G router, available at their retail stores.

This 5G launch is the latest addition to Airtel Zambia's recent technology announcements. In June 2023, the company introduced HD Voice calls with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Technology, enhancing the clarity and quality of voice communications. Additionally, they introduced eSIM services, allowing users to enjoy connectivity without a physical SIM card.

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