The 2Africa ship has successfully completed its journey, landing on the Mediterranean coast in Port Said, Egypt. The 2Africa project is a collaboration between several telecom giants, including Facebook, China Mobile International, MTN GlobalConnect, Orange, STC, Telecom Egypt, Vodafone and WIOCC. Its aim is to provide reliable and affordable internet access to over 1.3 billion people in Africa and the Middle East, improving connectivity for businesses and individuals alike.

The successful landing in Egypt marks the completion of 2Africa's landings in the country, along with the newly built, short and varied crossing routes, complemented by Telecom Egypt's Red Sea festoon. This event also marks the first subsea cable landing in Port Said, a significant milestone for the region.

With 16 fiber pairs, 2Africa has the capacity to link India and the Gulf to Europe, connecting 33 countries through 46 landings. The project has a design capacity of up to 180 Tbps, which means it can facilitate communication for over 3 billion people, enhancing global connectivity.

Telecom Egypt's infrastructure will play a vital role in seamlessly routing traffic between Africa, Asia and Europe, connecting the world's largest cable ever deployed. The project aims to create jobs, stimulate economic growth and improve education and healthcare through the provision of reliable and affordable internet access.

The completion of the 2Africa project is significant, given the global pandemic's impact on businesses and education. The project's infrastructure will facilitate distance learning, remote work, telemedicine and e-commerce, creating a more connected and resilient world.

The 2Africa project's completion is a significant achievement for the participating telecom companies and the countries involved. It represents a step towards bridging the digital divide in Africa and the Middle East, improving the quality of life and economic opportunities for millions of people. The project is an excellent example of the benefits that can be achieved through international collaboration, public-private partnerships and investment in infrastructure.

The successful landing of the 2Africa ship in Port Said marks a new era of global connectivity, facilitating communication between people and businesses across continents. With its vast reach and design capacity, the project has the potential to transform lives, support economic growth and improve education and healthcare across Africa and the Middle East.

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