Ivory Coast is positioning itself as a pioneer of the responsible digital era in West Africa with the deployment of an ambitious communications strategy. The initiative, which is spearheaded by Communication and Digital Economy Minister Amadou Coulibaly, aims to revolutionize the way citizens interact and use social networks.

Entitled "Responsabilité Numérique 225," the strategy aims to promote responsible and ethical use of social networks among citizens while focusing on education, awareness-raising and encouraging innovation.

This groundbreaking initiative positions the country as a forerunner in digital awareness and education in West Africa.

Minister Amadou Coulibaly noted, "This strategy is an important step in affirming Ivory Coast as a leader in the responsible use of digital technologies. We are determined to create an environment of digital trust for all our citizens. Ivory Coast is pleased to take the lead in this initiative. By encouraging the responsible use of social networks, we are taking a giant step towards a safer and more enlightened digital future for both our country and our region."

The communication strategy of the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy is based on several phases, including:

  • Education and awareness, with workshops, seminars and training courses to be organized across the country to educate citizens on the importance of responsible use of social networks.
  • Skill building with training programs to enhance users' skills in creating responsible content and using digital tools.
  • Community involvement, with the creation of an online platform and the organization of events to encourage the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of best practices in the use of social networks.
  • Innovation and creativity, with the creation of a support fund for start-ups and initiatives that contribute to the positive and responsible use of social networks.

And finally, the evaluation and continuous improvement phases are based on an integrated evaluation process to measure the effectiveness of the strategy and make ongoing improvements.

This pioneering project in Ivory Coast is an example of leadership in the region and positions the country as a model for promoting the responsible and constructive use of social networks.

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