Meta has embarked on an ambitious plan to infuse artificial intelligence (AI) into digital assistants and smart glasses. Zuckerberg highlighted the role of AI advancements in creating diverse applications and personas to achieve various tasks. These developments are aimed at eventually integrating AI capabilities into stylish smart glasses.

Smart glasses, a persistent frontier for tech companies seeking alternatives to smartphones, are getting a boost with the second-generation Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses. Set to debut on October 17, these glasses start at $299 and come with real-time streaming capabilities, allowing AI assistants to perceive users' surroundings.

In addition to smart glasses, Meta has introduced 28 AI characters for messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. These AI entities are imbued with "personalities" inspired by celebrities. Zuckerberg showcased an interaction with one such AI character, with plans to add voice functionality in the future.

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