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For many years, we have been talking about data increases, data consumption, broadband capacity, mobile broadband, VOD, triple play, Quadroplay, FTTX, etc. There is no doubt that video traffic increases data consumption. But, where we are now and what is next?

4K video technology is spreading; 5K is nearby. Traditional broadcast VIA satellite is not the only means for getting TV, or for selling content and video.

With new video technology, digital IP, cloud services and capacity, broadcasters and content owners can directly or partner with vendors, operators and solutions providers to create their own distribution channels which can be as global as any www service.

One example is Netflix, which in fact did what the American Broadcaster and content owners did not think to do: use the technology to distribute and sell their content using IP. Now, Netflix is not only in the US market, but also is everywhere.

The advancement of cloud has made the above easier, faster and cheaper. Most technology vendors now can provide total solutions from hardware and software clouds, making it happen very fast and delivering it on time. This means VOD is not local, though it depends on the content, copyrights and local laws. But, from a technology point, the opportunity is there and services, owners and even operators should not wait to benefit from this technology any longer.

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