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International standards and regulations for the internet of things (IoT) are the responsibility of whom?

The expansion of connected things, from devices, cars, drones and smart things that flood our lives and overload the frequency connections have our data in the waves.

Each connected device brings personal information and the private data of its users, and this data is transmitted over the networks to servers, the many apps and to the worldwide web.

But, working on the standardization of IoT in order to have the right frequency and to protect data are key for smart devices manufacturers and sensors in order to reduce the chance of information being hacked, accessed and misused; therefore, creating damages in society.

Should the ITU pay this role? Or another entity? Association?

Until now, roaming standards were not ready for  4G frequencies. Technology has not been waiting for the regulators to catch up. Speed toward 5G is moving quickly while its standardizations and regulations are moving slowly.

IoT and data protection are created on an adhoc basis by local regulators and government, and applicable on a large scale, globally.

But with the increase use of IoT and billions of connected things, regulation is a must and is needed now.

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