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There is no doubt that our industry is witnessing the fastest and most rapid change in years.

All new devices are enabled to connect to networks, and the wide spread of high speed connections are found in all G series. The fast deployment of FTTH last year couldn’t even catch up to the internet of things today.

The TV is connected, cameras are connected, household equipment are connected. We cannot forget the rapid increase of smart devices penetration as well.

In spite of the vast number of connected things and the increase of network capacity, there is still more to come by way of the smart city initiative. Governmental vision and decisions such those in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and soon Riyadh, will increase the deployment of connected things to an even higher level.

The smart city will not only have smart, connected devices, but will also have utilities meters, smart traffic lights and smart parking meters. The spread of technology will be pushed even further and everyday use of government services will be under “sGov”, not “mGov” or “eGov” anymore.

2016, in our opinion, will move faster than past years in connecting things. Quick deployment of 4G in many countries and governments opting for smart initiatives, coupled with the decreasing prices of smart devices, sensors and meters, will make 2016 THE YEAR OF CONNECTING EVERYTHING!

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