MTN Group, a leading telecommunications company, hosted its highly anticipated Capital Markets Day (CMD), providing a valuable platform to showcase its remarkable progress and reaffirm its commitment to Ambition 2025. The event served as an opportunity to engage with investors and introduce Bayobab, a subsidiary of MTN Group, to the market.

Bayobab, with its new and inspiring brand, made a strong impression during the CMD, demonstrating its commitment to connecting Africa. The exhibition area showcased Bayobab's presence and offered a glimpse into the company's significant milestones and promising prospects. Jens Schulte-Bockum, the COO of MTN Group, and Frédéric Schepens, the CEO of Bayobab Group, delivered a compelling presentation, highlighting the achievements, vision and goals of Bayobab.

The event provided an ideal platform for Bayobab to engage with investors, showcase its progress and share its inspiring vision of Connecting Africa. As a telecommunications company deeply rooted in the continent, Bayobab is dedicated to connecting communities and driving the digital revolution across Africa.

The CMD served as a testament to the ongoing commitment of MTN Group and Bayobab to realize their ambitious goals. With a focus on building a connected Africa, MTN Group and Bayobab are determined to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals and businesses with innovative and reliable telecommunications solutions.

As the journey continues, MTN Group and Bayobab remain steadfast in their commitment to transforming Africa's telecommunications landscape. Expect more exciting updates as they forge ahead, connecting communities and driving progress across the continent.

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