“Benya Group” has decided to merge all of its companies under one trademark in order to create a new distinctive branding identity and boost the market value of the group. Through this strategy, Eng. Ahmed Mekky, chairman and CEO of the group announced the changing of trademarks of the two subsidiaries Fiber Misr Systems and Fiber Misr Engineering to "Benya Systems" and "Benya Engineering” respectively.

“In the following years, we have an ambitious plan focused on expanding the operations of "Benya Systems" and "Benya Engineering" and forming valuable partnerships to execute projects in Egypt, Middle East and Afric,” Eng. Ahmed Mekky stated.

Eng. Mekky pointed out that "Benya Systems" has a wide portfolio with enormous number of successful projects, with total volume that amounts 2 billion Egyptian pounds, including the Knowledge City project, where “Benya Systems” supervises the implementation of the project as a “smart city”.

In addition, “Benya Engineering” was established in the first quarter of 2020, a year and a half ago. It focuses on engineering enterprises and telecommunications infrastructure projects. The company aims to meet all of the data center sector's demands in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East.

As the leading digital solutions and ICT infrastructure provider in Egypt and the MEA Region, “Benya Group” has collaborated with a number of ministries on nationwide projects that include but are not limited to the partnership with ministry of communication and information technology (MCIT) and Dell Technologies to build and operate the first and largest data center for artificial intelligence.

With “Benya Engineering” specializing in electromechanical solutions and services, “Benya Group” has collaborated with Alfa Tech, a pioneer in planning and developing the world's largest data centers in line with the most sophisticated international standard. As a result of this collaboration, “Benya Group” will become Alfa Tech's official partner in Egypt and the Middle East. Alfa Tech has constructed 850 data centers for major firms such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and others.

In the New Administrative Capital in Egypt, “Benya Engineering” has signed a contract to install 231,000 smart meters for water, electricity, and gas serving 75,000 units in cooperation with Telecom Egypt. Moreover, “Benya Engineering” is responsible for implementing the technological infrastructure for several projects in the New Administrative Capital and the government district. In addition to building the largest cloud data centers in the Middle East and Africa.

Eng. Ahmed Mekky, stated that “Working in an industry that is at the forefront of technological advancement, productivity and efficiency, it is only natural that our operational strategy is in alignment and focuses on delivering quality products and services efficiently also. Egypt's Vision 2030 has provided “Benya Group” with the framework needed to aid us in delivering advanced and innovative technological solutions, which have supported the development of smart cities and improved the education, telecommunication, and transportation and banking sectors, among others.

Mekky revealed that during Cairo ICT, “Benya Group” will launch its new subsidiaries “Benya Cloud”, a digital center for numerous disciplines that provides secure and smart technologies to meet business demands while also accelerating digital transformation.

In addition to, “Benya Ventures”, which aims to support entrepreneurs and inject investments to startups that are related to technology and artificial intelligence. Through “Benya Ventures”, the group will establish several investment funds, and the first fund will be launched with a capital of $50 million.

Mekky also stressed, “With a vision of meeting the growing demand of local and regional markets, “Benya Group” founded its subsidiary company, “Benya Cables”, the largest fiber optic solutions manufacturer and provider in the region, to provide all fiber optic solutions. In collaboration with the leading industrial organization in the region, the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI), and Corning Inc, the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of optical fiber, cables, and connectivity solutions. The group has established the largest optical fiber factory in the Suez Canal with investments of one billion pounds, with the plant expected to be inaugurated in June 2022.

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