By Dr Alper Turken, senior vice president service provider, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East & Africa

The appetite for FTTH networks seems unlimited right now. The ongoing trend of more powerful network connectivity in the home was greatly accelerated by the global pandemic, as homes became offices, schools, shopping malls and more—all connected to the world by their provider’s infrastructure. Exponential growth of FTTH deployments is key to meeting these needs.

Extending the fiber network is a massive undertaking, one magnified by ongoing labor shortages and the complexities inherent in neighborhood deployments—and no two deployments are exactly the same. Operators are caught between skyrocketing demand and limited deployment labor. CommScope has engineered a new way for these operators to increase FTTH deployments right away, quickly and economically, with a new fiber enclosure and terminal solutions that are built for simplicity and extremely high levels of customization.

75% fewer components, 50x the configuration options

Our NOVUX™ portfolio is the only end-to-end FTTH platform with an inherently modular architecture that allows operators to scale and shape their networks as they evolve. This portfolio leverages a flexible, modular, and backwards-compatible architecture that allows operators to adapt and scale to a wide variety of field applications, and includes hardened terminals and compact closures, as well as SEC and SRC specialty closures.

NOVUX enables operators to use 75% fewer components than existing solutions—and delivers 50 times the number of configurations available today, reducing deployment costs and complexity at the same time.

The system is designed with sustainable practices for packaging, labeling, and installation equipment, and it features class-leading innovations like CommScope’s Octopus sealing gel, which offers protection in harsh environments while allowing easy access for upgrades and regular maintenance.

NOVUX builds on tried and tested technologies

NOVUX closures and terminals are built on the tested foundation of CommScope’s Fiber Optic Splice Closure, FIST Modular Splice Closure, and Multi-Service Terminals (MST) solutions, which have earned the trust of leading operators around the globe.

NOVUX is designed from the ground up for optimal simplicity and customization to help operators deploy FTTH quickly, with less skilled labor and reduced cost complexities. James DeCoe, CommScope VP, Network Connectivity, had this to say about the NOVUX introduction last June: "Our NOVUX portfolio is all about giving our operator customers the highest degree of agility and flexibility in their growing fiber deployments. The new NOVUX range allows operators to maximize their network and respond quickly to changing market conditions and high-volume demand. These solutions deliver unprecedented ease of installation today, with the flexibility to ensure that the network meets tomorrow’s needs. Furthermore, CommScope offers our customers the security of a dedicated, agile global supply chain built on common platform designs and processes.”

The NOVUX portfolio was designed with direct input from multiple network operators around the globe. It represents a step forward in fiber deployment solutions and is made possible by CommScope’s ongoing process of feedback and innovation for the world’s leading networks.

This customizable portfolio covers every connection, everywhere it’s needed. It includes:

  • NOVUX hardened terminals offer the widest variety of technologies available from a single platform: single and multi-fiber, splitters, optical tap, fiber indexing, and on-demand hybrid configurations in a minimized footprint for optimal port count and terminal size.
  • NOVUX compact closures are the ideal solution for FTTH distribution and drop applications, helping providers prepare for the future. Using state-of-the-art technology, the closure is protected from harsh conditions by CommScope’s Octopus gel seal, which simplifies re-entry for field installers and gives operators peace of mind.
  • NOVUX SRC closures are the ideal fiber closure for repair, network extensions, and house demarcation, enabling the agility and flexibility to use it in last-mile fiber network applications, both above and below ground.
  • NOVUX SEC closures provide an ideal solution for applications where underground work is difficult or impossible. When used with the new CommScope retractable fiber cable, this solution brings together advanced patented technologies and proven high-performance standards, while enabling rapid deployment for horizontal mounting on a building’s outer façade.

As the portfolio expands, CommScope will roll out additional NOVUX fiber solutions to meet the needs of global service providers, because if anything is certain, tomorrow’s FTTH challenges will require CommScope-level innovation to solve them.

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