AfricaCom 2018 is considered as a milestone event for Nokia. In this year’s edition, the company is displaying its effortless, simple, and dependable technologies that are going to shape the future of technology through transforming human experiences. Nokia is present at AfricaCom 2018 in Cape Town from 13 – 15 November 2018 and ready to discuss any topic visitors are interested in as well as to demonstrate their latest innovative products, solutions, and services.

Digitalization is happening at a really fast pace, changing with it the common communications’ system. It is changing how businesses connect with their customers, how industries are run and where technology enhances how people live and work. This creates new customers’ demands which forces organizations to become more data-driven to ensure that they can deliver on those expectations.

This is why Nokia is showcasing the latest innovations at the event including 5G NR Virtual Reality demo, 5G / E2E Automation, Autonomous Customer Care, 5G Future X Network vision animation and IoT use cases, and is engaging as well in discussions on topics such as ultra-broadband, the value of 5G in enabling the Internet of Things (IoT), digital transformation and the importance of encryption and Virtual Reality (VR). Nokia’s Community Hosted Connectivity Solution, also on display, is presenting an innovative solution on how to reduce the expense associated with providing mobile connectivity in rural and remote areas, while the WING Smart Agriculture as a Service is demonstrating how CSPs can offer an affordable, subscription-based smart agriculture solution, allowing farmers to access weather, soil and crop data for timely actions to increase yield, decrease costs and mitigate risks.

According to Joachim Wuilmet, Head of Customer Marketing and Communications MEA, AfricaCom 2018 is the perfect opportunity for customers to engage with Nokia experts to catch up on the latest developments in the dynamic African telecommunications market. “Connectivity is critical to digital transformation on the continent and 5G will gradually become the core of investment and innovation across both infrastructure and technology. This is the path to unlocking new opportunities and leading the race to the future. Our demonstrations will show how it is possible to unleash the full potential of your network today, and how to flexibly build and scale your business for the digital future.”

Wuilmet says Nokia is excited to share its next generation of network technology with the broader African market and is confident in the potential of the continent, “Africa is the perfect place to share Nokia’s vision of shaping the future of technology to transform human experiences with effortless, simple and dependable technologies. We look forward to discussing how both existing and new customers can use technology to improve people's lives.”

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