Realizing the importance of SD-WAN and NB-IoT technologies, MTN is set to develop SD-WAN networks and deploy thousands of sites to harness NB-IoT in South Africa. This project is part of MTN’s investment plan aiming at building South Africa’s network and establishing strong foundations to launch new solutions.

Giovanni Chiarelli, Chief Technology and Information Officer at MTN, said, “Cutting-edge solutions like these are opening the door to an array of exciting new opportunities for businesses in today’s fast-paced digital economy”.

“This investment is proof of our vision which is translated into exceptional performance numbers and improved network experience for our customers. Technology advancement is an important part of our business and the numbers we are looking at investing in the next few years are in the same ballpark as what we have spent in the past,” continues Chiarelli, noting that MTN has invested over $2.8 billion in the past four years.

According to Chiarelli, MTN is investing in technology the most in South Africa and in the whole continent because to the company, technology excellence is a catalyst that helps deliver exceptional solutions for customers.

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