For the purpose of offering the best services that address their customers’ needs and serve their interest, Telecom Egypt and Etisalat Misr signed four agreements to provide virtual fixed voice and bitstream services to the Egyptian market.

The virtual fixed voice agreement enables Etisalat Misr to provide fixed voice services to its customers through utilizing part of Telecom Egypt’s network given its experience in this field. The various agreements detail the commercial and legal frameworks between the two companies and protect the rights of users. Etisalat Misr is now able to provide fixed voice services to its customers through all its stores across Egypt based on the license it acquired and the technical trials it has conducted on the service in the past few months to ensure that its customers will receive the best quality of service. 

With regards to the bitstream agreements through which Etisalat Misr will be able to provide its fixed broadband customers with the new VDSL technology, the company will offer its customers unique packages with unprecedented speeds ranging from up to 30 Mbps and ending with up to 100 Mbps. The pricing of the bitstream services is based on the capacity utilized to allow customers to enjoy Telecom Egypt’s network that recently underwent major developments. 

Adel Hamed, Telecom Egypt’s managing director and chief executive officer, and Hazem Metwally, Etisalat Misr’s chief executive officer, signed the agreements in the presence of members of both companies’ top managements.

Adel Hamed, managing director and chief executive officer, commented, “We are very pleased to continue to collaborate with Etisalat Misr on mutually beneficial agreements that will enrich the Egyptian market through service diversification and enhancement. The FVNO agreements enable Etisalat Misr to provide its customers with a new service, while Telecom Egypt will enhance its revenues generated from the domestic wholesale business supported by the increase in Etisalat Misr’s customer base. In addition, the bitstream agreements allow Etisalat to enhance its current fixed broadband offering and at the same time support Telecom Egypt in monetizing its growing investments in the Egyptian telecom infrastructure.”

Hazem Metwally, chief executive officer of Etisalat Misr, said, “We are pleased to have signed these agreements with our success partner, Telecom Egypt and we always seek through such agreements to provide the best models of partnership between telecom operators in the Egyptian market. These agreements fall within Etisalat’s strategy to provide the latest and best quality integrated services to its customers in Egypt utilizing the latest technology developed globally. During the next phase, Etisalat will provide its customers with a wide range of products and services that will be launched for the first time in the Egyptian market, based on Egypt's most powerful mobile network and the fastest mobile phone and landline technology. We are also proud that Etisalat’s customers currently have access to all fixed and mobile services through all Etisalat’s stores across Egypt.” 


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