The most valuable doorway for connecting Africa does not only offer access to the largest infrastructure and high value services, it also protects illicit traffic related to child abuse web content.

Connectivity is the vein of society. It is essential for social, business and non-profit activities and the development in each country and around the globe.

MTN’s core belief is that everyone deserves a modern connected digital life.

MTN GlobalConnect is the new wholesale arm of MTN Group, a leading emerging market telecommunication group operating with telecom licenses in 21 countries across Africa and The Middle East, with a subscriber base of 233 million customers. The new infrastructure OpCo or operating company GlobalConnect has a divine mission to make sure everyone is connected securely and makes the highways of telecommunication accessible and available across the region.

MTN GlobalConnect is the main driver and commercial vehicle for the consolidation of MTN’s international and national major wholesale activities, with reliable solutions for fixed connectivity and international mobile services (SMS, Signaling, Roaming & Interconnect).

We are the single-entry point to the largest network infrastructure in Africa. Over 100,000KM of fibre is available and over 10,000KM is being built to expand its core backbone, stitching most of the African countries.

Our robust MTN.net and IP/MPLS network includes:

  • 47 multinational points of presence
  • 29 countries across the MEA region (Middle East & Africa)
  • 14 Submarine cables
  • More than 100000km of national and metro fibre network
  • 31 multinational Network-to-Network interface enabling connectivity to global networks
  • A backbone capacity in excess of 3Tbps
  • Peering with major content providers

We sell and buy to/from other wholesale players. We manage international assets, traffic for MTN operating companies as well as for third parties that we support with a valuable portfolio of services for growing their business and managing their operations.

Connectivity would not be qualitative enough without an initiative that protects our customers. Last year our teams worked relentlessly to have full protection of our international network, not only from attacks/hacking with our DDos filters, but also the internet of illicit content, by filtering URL’s with child abuse web content on our International gateways.

On the mobile side, we launched YelloConnect Hubs, our one-stop-shop solutions for international signalling, voice, messaging and roaming.

Based on the latest technologies, we enable services that create significant value for MTN Operating Companies, our Partners, and any third parties that are looking to benefit from the growing opportunities in the Middle East and Africa.

We recently launched the YelloConnect SMS Hub. This new service offers Application-to-Person and Person-to-Person international SMS services. Based on a single contract, connection and billing, we offer direct access to over 230 million MTN subscribers. Security is again in the frontline with advanced fraud and spoof protection.

For all fixed and mobile services, our mission is to take the ambitions of our Partners further by helping their company unlock their true potential in Africa and in the Middle East. 

We focus on joint value creation. Our multicultural, highly-skilled Team establishes strong relationships. Therefore, we have no clients, only Partners!

By Frédéric Schepens, CEO, MTN GlobalConnect

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