Being ahead of African telecommunications companies, MTN Group has declared that it is the first to join the IoT World Alliance in Africa. The IoT World Alliance is a global collaboration of telecommunications providers dedicated to providing seamless machine-to-machine connectivity around the world.

Nowadays, multinational corporations planning to launch connected devices globally are facing numerous obstacles. Here comes the job of the IoT World Alliance in eliminating the complexity associated with worldwide deployments of connected devices through offering solutions based on simplifying and promoting the adoption of IoT communications worldwide. The unique solution leverages the operators’ combined global presence to the benefit of customers.

MTN Group Executive for Enterprise Business, Oliver Fortuin said, “We are very proud to be a member of the Alliance, not only do we join a community of like-minded telecommunications companies committed to making global connectivity cheaper and simpler, but as MTN we believe this partnership supports our efforts to deliver on our core belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life. “

Commenting on the partnership, IoT World Alliance Chairman Mark van den Berg said, “We are pleased to have MTN on board, and look forward to leveraging the scale and reach that MTN has in Africa and parts of the Middle East. I think it is an exciting and long overdue partnership not only for MTN Group but also for IoT World Alliance as we work towards enabling our customers’ IoT device connectivity”. He added, “We look forward to a long-lasting partnership and most importantly working together to offer customers the solutions they need when they need them”.

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