African leaders from the government and the private sector will gather at the inaugural GITEX AFRICA Digital Summit in Marrakech this month. The summit, part of the larger GITEX AFRICA 2023 event, aims to foster digital transformation alliances. Africa remains committed to empowering and unifying the continent through ICT growth, even amidst global changes in the tech industry. The summit will explore how technology and connectivity are shaping sustainable development in African governments, businesses and society. H.E. Lacina Koné, Director General and CEO of Smart Africa, will be a keynote speaker, highlighting the potential of digital technologies for economic growth, job creation and talent development in Africa.

Africa's ICT and broadband sectors are experiencing remarkable growth, with the continent's internet population growing by 20% in just one year. This digital boom, supported by talent development and increased investments, has propelled Africa's digital economy to the forefront of global progress.

Private sector leaders from companies such as Orange, Huawei and IBM, along with government representatives, will discuss vital strategies for Africa's digital transformation, including inclusivity, the impact of 5G and AI on business sustainability and Africa's potential as the next Silicon Valley. The summit will also delve into the influence of AI on African societies and its transformative role in sectors like agriculture and finance. Experts such as Dr. Adel Alsharji and Mustapha Zaouini will address the societal impact and responsible adoption of AI in Africa.

The conference will explore technology's role in advancing sustainability, particularly in African-centric net-zero agendas. Industry leaders from the USA, Morocco and France will discuss how technology can drive the evolution of digital cities and contribute to a net-zero future.

GITEX AFRICA 2023, the largest tech and start-up show on the African continent, will provide a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing. With over 900 exhibitors, start-ups and visiting delegations from 80 countries, the event aims to position Africa as the next biggest digital economy and attract significant investments. Over 250 hosted investors with $200 billion worth of assets under management will seek breakthrough technologies and co-investment opportunities in African tech scale-ups.

The inaugural GITEX AFRICA is held under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and is hosted by the Digital Development Agency (ADD), which drives Morocco's digital transformation agenda. The event is led by KAOUN International, leveraging the reputation and influence of the GITEX Global brand.

Africa's tech-friendly policies, increased accessibility and surge in investment indicate its immense growth potential. Analysts predict the tech market in Africa will reach $712 billion by 2050, and in 2022 alone, African start-ups raised over $5.4 billion across more than 900 deals. With a youthful population and rapid urbanization, Africa is poised to become a leading hub for technological innovation and digital transformation.

In summary, the GITEX AFRICA Digital Summit brings together key stakeholders to advance digital transformation in Africa, leveraging the continent's rapid ICT growth and digital economy. The summit serves as a platform for policymakers, government officials, investors and academics to exchange ideas and strategies for harnessing technology's potential in driving economic development and social progress. By exploring topics such as AI, digital cities and sustainability, the summit paves the way for Africa to become a digital powerhouse and drive positive change across industries and communities.

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