MoroccoTech was launched on 14th January by the minister for digital transition and reform of the administration, Dr. Ghita Mezzour, digital expert and holder of PhD from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a significant event that will propel Morocco as a digital hub destination for companies across the globe.

Emphasizing the objective behind the launch of the MoroccoTech, Dr. Ghita MEZZOUR remarked, “MoroccoTech is a movement, a brand, and a commitment to strengthen Morocco's position as a regional digital hub”. The theme of the event is aptly summarized by its slogan, “Be Bold, Be Digital”.

This prominent launch event will feature top dignitaries, prominent industry leaders and influencers from various sectors. Government representatives expected to participate in the event include Dr. Ghita Mezzour, minister delegate in charge of digital transition and reform of the administration, Mr. Mohcine Jazouli, minister delegate in charge of investment, convergence and evaluation of public policies and Mr. Younes Sekkouri, minister of economic inclusion, small business, employment and skills.

“We are committed to promoting Morocco as the best digital destination in Africa that offers favorable ecosystem supporting innovative, sustainable and responsible work ethics. This is going to be the gold standard as we move towards an economy that will power the next wave of global innovations”, says a spokesperson from the organizing team.

Panel discussions have been organized around relevant key issues to uncover challenges and solutions. These discussions threw insights on several parameters that are going to drive the success of MoroccoTech movement.

The event shed light on sustainable products and technologies by innovative companies in sectors such as fintech, artech, healthtech, and govtech.

Digital and tech innovation is at the heart of Morocco’s economic transformation through innovation- led growth, as the country seeks to become an international digital hub and the best techshoring destination in Africa. Sector-specific developments are setting a precedent for the wider economic growth, as both the private and public sectors consider adoption of new technologies as a way to increase efficiency.

Over the last few years, Morocco has been able to capitalize on its the quality of its young talents, its proximity to European markets, as well as its regionally competitive telecommunication infrastructure and multilingual workforce, to achieve reasonable success in building up a digital hub model. The country has now embarked on a mission to develop MoroccoTech Ecosystem, as it realizes the enormous contribution it can make to the economic growth. Digital is a promising sector and great opportunity for the national economy because of its potential to create jobs for youth and its contribution to the country's balance of trade.

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