Zambia has taken a major step forward in technological advancement with the official launch of Starlink's business services in the country. Starlink, a leading global provider of satellite internet services, has joined forces with Paratus Group, a prominent pan-African telecommunications and network services provider, through a reseller agreement.

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The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has introduced a new policy regarding the issuance of payment instruments for mobile money providers in the country. This measure is aims to enhance security measures, foster healthy competition, and encourage innovation among Ethiopia's various mobile money service providers.

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Mauritania's telecom companies Mattel, Mauritel, and Chinguitel have been directed by the Regulatory Authority (ARE) to introduce national roaming in all regions where only one of them currently provides coverage. This directive is to be carried out before December 31st.

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The Somali National Communications Authority (NCA) launched its Spectrum Monitoring Operations Center (SMOC) to streamline the monitoring and analysis of spectrum usage, the detection of unauthorized or illegal activities, and the swift resolution of interference issues. Additionally, it will provide real-time data and information to enhance decision-making processes, ensuring the optimal allocation of spectrum resources.

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