China Mobile International (CMI), supported by China Mobile, is committed to driving the adoption of 5G in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. With the projected rise of 5G connections, CMI aims to provide global network resources and integrated solutions to help businesses and carriers seize the opportunities presented by 5G.

As a leading player in the industry, CMI connects MEA with the rest of the world, offering reliable and resilient network resources. The ambitious 2Africa submarine cable project, initiated by CMI and other partners, aims to interconnect Africa, Europe and Asia. With 26 out of 46 landings already completed, the 2Africa cable will deliver an impressive capacity of up to 180 Terabits per second (Tbps) when it goes live in 2024. This substantial capacity will contribute to the growth of telecommunications networks in the region and facilitate seamless connectivity between Africa, Europe and Asia.

CMI is the only Chinese company investing in the 2Africa project, demonstrating its commitment to expanding 4G and advancing the deployment of 5G and fixed broadband services in the MEA. The company aims to enhance connectivity in underserved and rural areas, improve network resilience and foster global connectivity for the benefit of individuals and businesses across the MEA.

In addition to the 2Africa cable, CMI continues to invest in regional telecom infrastructure in the MEA. With a vast network of 80 submarine and terrestrial cables, including the SMW-5 cable spanning from Egypt to Singapore, CMI provides extensive network capacity exceeding 123 T. The company has also established over 30 Points of Presence (PoPs) in key MEA countries, such as the UAE, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, facilitating direct internet access and transit services at a lower cost.

Furthermore, CMI actively collaborates with partners like Etisalat Egypt and Master Power Technologies to promote the development and adoption of 5G, IoT and IDC solutions, supporting digital transformation in the region. By nurturing the telecoms ecosystem and investing in collaboration and infrastructure, CMI is dedicated to realizing a smarter and more connected future in the MEA, aligning with its vision of a digitalized global information civilization.

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