Azercosmos, the prominent satellite operator in Azerbaijan, signed a reseller agreement with SpaceX for the deployment of Starlink's satellite-based high-speed and low-latency broadband internet services across the country.

Azercosmos will provide accessible internet connectivity in various settings, including land, sea, transportation routes, remote areas and information centers. This collaboration aims to bridge the digital divide and bring reliable internet access to regions with limited coverage.

Expressing his satisfaction with the partnership, Samaddin Asadov, CEO of Azercosmos, emphasized the significance of cooperating with a world-class technology leader. Together, they will overcome the challenges posed by outdated telecommunications infrastructure and expand advanced satellite technology services both on land and at sea.

SpaceX, renowned for its spacecraft and on-orbit operations expertise, has engineered and operates Starlink, the world's most advanced broadband internet system. With over 1.5 million customers worldwide, Starlink delivers high-speed and low-latency internet, supporting activities such as streaming, online gaming and video calls.

Through this partnership, Azercosmos and SpaceX are committed to enhancing connectivity options in Azerbaijan and leveraging cutting-edge satellite technology to provide fast and reliable internet access to communities across the country. This collaboration aligns with the shared vision of both companies to revolutionize telecommunications and expand access to advanced broadband services.

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