Orange has announced a groundbreaking partnership with CPC Egypt, introducing e-wallet payment services to fuel stations for the first time. This agreement will enable customers to conveniently pay for petroleum products using their e-wallets, leveraging the technology provided by Orange Egypt.

As a part of the initial phase, CPC will implement the necessary infrastructure to accept electronic payments from e-wallets at six fuel stations. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in providing a seamless payment experience and enhancing convenience for customers at fuel stations.

By combining the expertise of Orange Egypt and CPC, this partnership aims to revolutionize payment methods in the fuel sector, thereby promoting digital transactions and transforming the customer experience. With e-wallet payment solutions, customers will enjoy greater flexibility and efficiency when purchasing petroleum products.

The introduction of e-wallet payment at fuel stations is a testament to the ongoing digital transformation in Egypt's financial ecosystem. This innovation aligns with the country's push towards a cashless society and the adoption of secure, convenient electronic payment solutions.

Orange and CPC are dedicated to expanding this initiative to additional fuel stations, empowering more customers to enjoy the benefits of e-wallet payment technology and transforming the fuel retail landscape in Egypt.

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