A new AMS-IX Lagos Internet Exchange, owned by Equinix, is being launched in the carrier-neutral MDXi data center. The partnership agreement stipulates that MDXi will act as AMS-IX's commercial partner and regional sales and marketing representative for AMS-IX Lagos, while AMS-IX will manage the exchange's technical and operational aspects.

The primary goal of AMS-IX Lagos is to become a vital content hub for West Africa by allowing local ISPs, carriers, and Internet exchanges to collect content from significant global content delivery networks, hosting firms and application providers. In the upcoming months, Equinix-owned MDXi and AMS-IX will collaborate to establish alliances with local telecom providers and IXs, as well as support local ecosystems.

With more than 25 connected networks already in place, AMS-IX Lagos is set to launch, as AMS-IX and MDXi will gradually move and onboard West Africa Internet Exchange's (WAF-IX) existing connected networks. Notable CDNs and application providers such as Microsoft, Cloudflare and Google are among the connected networks at WAF-IX.

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