SUBTONOMY, the leading network experience platform provider in the Nordics, will be showcasing how African operators can vastly improve customer service without increasing their costs at AfricaCom in South Africa.

Increased Operational Efficiency Key to Africa’s Digital Future

As of August 2022, one gigabyte of mobile data costs:

  • US$29.5 in São Tomé and Príncipe
  • US$0.48 in Algeria, Africa’s cheapest data market
  • US$0.04 in Israel, the world’s cheapest data market.

Affordable pricing is now the biggest challenge to the growth of Africa’s digital economy. So why are prices so high? One factor elevating prices is mobile operators’ costs. Operators are being asked to roll out networks more widely, upgrade from 2G and 3G to 4G and now 5G and, at the same time, provide better support for their customers, all while charging a lower cost per megabyte. The only way they can meet these expectations is through increased efficiency throughout their organization. Doing this requires them to scrutinize all their costs, one of the biggest of which is customer service.

Customer Support Is Both a Cause of Frustration and a Big Cost

African customers consider service quality to be critical and are more willing than ever to vote with their feet if not satisfied. Operators are therefore challenged to develop innovative strategies to enhance service quality as well as responsiveness when things go wrong.

The good news is that there’s considerable scope for both greater efficiency and cost reduction. Research shows, for example, that 47% of customer complaints in South Africa are related to the quality of customer service itself, with time-to-resolution one of the biggest causes of frustration. Speeding up queuing time, as well as the time taken to resolve queries, alleviates customer frustration, reduces costs, makes staff more productive and avoids customer churn. The question is how to increase efficiency while also minimizing the cost and disruption associated with change.

Learning From Others’ Experiences Will Turbo-Charge Customer Support Efficiency

Other mobile-first economies have already been down the path of optimizing digital customer support, meaning that African operators can benefit from their experience to accelerate change in their own customer support organizations. In the Nordics, for example, digital customer support provision is both efficient and effective at keeping customers happy and more engaged. This has resulted in operators experiencing 20% fewer calls to their contact centers, 47% reductions in the time taken to resolve a customer query, and 60% reductions in escalations, all of which reduce costs.

Change Doesn’t Have to Come at Great Cost

With the need to keep costs and disruptions to a minimum, African operators can benefit immediately from the approach taken by Subtonomy, an expert provider of digital customer support applications. By reusing existing data sources, Subtonomy enables operators to deliver a 360° real-time view of the actual customer experience quickly and at low cost. This empowers them to provide fast, efficient digital support 24/7.

“By reusing data sources they already have, operators can quickly and cost-effectively transform their technical customer support. Our solution not only future-proofs them against further change but also enables them to squeeze more value out of what they already have — such as legacy probes and BSS/OSS solutions,” states Andreas Jörbeck, CEO and co-founder of Subtonomy.

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