Telecom Review Africa conducted an exclusive interview with Imane Najari, director of cloud and cybersecurity, inwi, to discuss how the company supports Moroccan companies in their digital transformation journeys. She also shed light on inwi's strength as a leader in sovereign cloud and data center hosting solutions.

How does inwi support Moroccan companies in their digital transformation?

Digital transformation is one of the pillars of economic and social development in Morocco. As a committed and innovative operator, inwi's mission is to support Moroccan companies and organizations in their digital transformation to improve their agility and competitiveness and offer innovative services to their customers. To achieve this, inwi activates several levers to support and accelerate the digital transformation of the Moroccan economy: infrastructure, connectivity, innovative solutions, personalized support, and supporting the digital ecosystem in our country.

inwi is a catalyst for the digital transformation of Moroccan businesses by offering them connectivity solutions supported by a diversified technological mix: Fiber Optics, 4G, ADSL, Satellite Internet, etc., as well as mobility and IoT solutions, Cloud and Cybersecurity solutions and Unified Communications solutions. Our experts accompany our clients progressively to accelerate their digital transformation projects.

The strength of inwi's positioning as a leader in sovereign cloud, data center hosting solutions, and cybersecurity solutions:

As a reference player in the digital transformation of the Moroccan economy, inwi offers hosting solutions in our numerous data centers in Morocco, sovereign cloud solutions, and cybersecurity solutions to help Moroccan businesses accelerate their digital transformation.

We provide these businesses with more than 4,000 square meters of data center space in several regions of Morocco to support their IT infrastructure outsourcing projects or extensions. These data centers are certified to the highest international standards of availability and security.

Since 2018, inwi has been the leader in sovereign cloud in Morocco, the first on the market to provide Moroccan companies and organizations with sovereign cloud solutions to host their data and applications on Moroccan territory in compliance with our country's policies and jurisdiction. Our expertise in complex and large-scale projects enables us to accompany our clients end-to-end to accelerate their digital transformation projects.

inwi is also an ideal partner for addressing and protecting Moroccan companies against all web threats, cyber-attacks and data breaches with a comprehensive security portfolio adapted to the needs of all businesses and strategic partnerships with international cybersecurity leaders.

Innovation at the heart of the operator's strategy:

inwi places innovation, deeply rooted in its DNA, at the heart of all its actions, both internally and towards its customers and ecosystem. Our ability to innovate is essential to constantly anticipate our customers' expectations and offer them value continually.

In this spirit, inwi continually modernizes its infrastructure and network architecture, equipping itself with scalable network infrastructure and innovative solutions.

In 2019, inwi launched its 100% digital telecom brand "Win by inwi." A first in Africa, ’Win by inwi’ is a new, interactive and evolving universe where all client experiences and services, from subscription to customer support, are dematerialized.

inwi was also the first telecommunications operator in Morocco to launch a Mobile Money service. "Inwi money" provides access, with a simple click, to a range of financial services and actively participates in the financial inclusion of the Kingdom.

inwi also encourages innovation among entrepreneurs and start-ups by supporting them in their digital transformation. The operator is working towards the emergence of an integrated, competitive and innovative digital ecosystem.

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